Chairman Message

Chairman's Message

We see another year of excellent result by the students of Hartley, reinforcing our effect and commitment towards Departing Quality Education at the school. We live to our reputation for talent-oriented performance with highest level of integrity, standard and knowledge.

It is our constant endeavour to provide a touch of quality in Education. Providing a high quality education for all children is critical to economic futures of the country. Our nation’s economic competitiveness and the path to the Indian Dream depends on providing every child with an education that will enable them to succeed in a global economy that is predicated on knowledge and innovation. Trust, respect, continuous improvement, innovation and team work the essence in all of my relationship towards the school.

We continue to upgrade the facilities at our campus at 11/4, Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata, while pursue opening of new campuses across Bengal.

Passion, experiment and dynamism has always been my quest for excellence. We look towards preserving and protecting the education environment and to develop the powers of reasoning and judgment, ensuring that our credibility and standards remain as high as previous, while striving for more.